Review: Rosaline


Title: Rosaline
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Karen Maine
Starring: Kaitlyn Dever, Isabela Merced, Kyle Allen
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

What It Is: We all know the story of Romeo (Allen) and Juliet (Merced) but what happened to the woman before Juliet? What of Rosaline (Dever)? This is the story of the woman before the tragedy. Rosaline is in love with Romeo and he likewise with her…that is until some strange events transpire that leads to Romeo’s introduction to Juliet and Rosaline’s meeting of Dario. How will this tangled web all play out? Based on Rebecca Serle’s novel When You Were Mine.
What We Think: Kaitlyn Dever has been slowly becoming a comedic force with each and every passing performance. Here she’s the catalyst that moves along every point of satire throughout. Her sass adds dimension to an otherwise fine film. Karen Maine puts together a perfectly fine film. Nothing to right home about but more akin to something you’ll find interesting on a random Tuesday. Kyle Allen continues to shine, as he has been for a while now. He’s a good young actor that I look forward to seeing more often. Isabela Merced is fine. Cinematographically is whatever. Shot selection is fine. The script is sometimes funny sometimes not and it’s that inconsistency that held it back.

Our Grade: C+, Run of the mill it does offer a unique spin on the standard Romeo and Juliet situation. Kaitlyn Dever will continue to be funny and charming and otherwise excellent. I’ve been a fan of Devers’ since the criminally underrated Men, Women and Children. Whatever is next for her I look forward to. This is no problem to find as it is on Hulu. Maybe check that out get a nice little chuckle and enjoy your night. A good date movie for sure.

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