Review: The Wrath of Becky


Title: The Wrath of Becky
MPA Rating: R
Directors: Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote
Starring: Lulu Wilson, Sean William Scott, Denise Burse
Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins

What It Is: After the events of the previous film Becky. Becky (Wilson) is now living from home to home after neo-nazis killed her father. Now she’s working a dead end diner job. When some right-wing himbos stir up trouble Becky does what she does she trolls the hell out of them. This leads them to invade the home she’s currently at, killing the lovable but grumpy old woman Elena (Burse) in the process. Now Becky is out for blood and these right-wingers don’t know what’s about to him them.

What We Think: The first film features what I’d consider Kevin James’ best performance. Now we get a performance from Sean William Scot that might ALSO be his best. That or Goon is clearly the answer. Lulu Wilson is once again giving a completely unhinged performance. She plays Becky as someone who’s lost their damned mind. This is a gory but fun piece and I loved this the same as I did the first one. It gets off to an odd start but figures itself out. It’s that rough beginning that hurts this films score. The change in collaborating writers (the directors) with returning writer Nick Morris is apparent as the dialogue is crisp and whip smart.

Our Grade: B, A totally fun romp that wears it’s message right on it’s sleeve. If you’re offended by the content you’re probably part of the problem. As it stands Becky is not a gal to be messed with. So…maybe…don’t fuck with her? Lulu Wilson is the type of actress who will probably have an incredible career ahead of her. I for one cannot wait to see whatever see does. She’s already done some really fun stuff and is typically really good in all of it. This is one to definitely check out. It fell into theaters and immediately right out. It deserves better than that. So check this one out so that they’ll make a third one. I’d love to see it.


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