Review: Take Care of Maya


Title: Take Care of Maya
MPA Rating: TV-14
Director: Henry Roosevelt
Starring: Maya Kowalski
Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins

What It Is: Maya Kowalski is a ten year old going through a strange illness which results in chronic and unknown pain. It leaves her debilitated, her legs fold in and she cannot really move. Her parents search far and wide for an option. Her mother, a nurse, finds an option in ketamine therapy. When she has a fit and goes to the emergency room both their lives and the future of children’s medicine will forever change…for the better and worse.

What We Think: A stunning and staggering story that is too ridiculous to be real. But it is. Roosevelt does such a great job of showing the absolute idiocy of the American for profit medical system. The idiocy of the for profit systems adjacent to the American medical system and how these things are masked as “for the safety” of children. The insanity of what happened to Maya and her family is framed by the fact that Maya herself was a miracle for her family. What this film exposes is something that’s been whispered for years but that sadly Maya and her family had to fight, legally, in order to expose. A disgusting moneymaking machine.

Our Grade: B-, A frustrating watch for people with children the journey these parents and their innocent child went through is absolutely insane. As is the norm this film is on Netflix who seemingly always have the best documentaries for their audience. This is another one. See it. Get upset by it. Help get these sort of things fixed. I highly recommend this and think its a very important film. As mentioned it’s on Netflix so it’s easy to find, and it is so frustrating and worth a watch.

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