Review: Somewhere Quiet


Title: Somewhere Quiet
MPA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Olivia West Lloyd
Starring: Jennifer Kim, Micheál Richardson, Marin Ireland
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: Meg (Kim), was recently released from being kidnapped. Now he and her husband are staying at his families compound. The shadows and thoughts of that horrendous kidnapping remain in Meg’s mind. At the same time her husbands cousin (Ireland) has arrived and it seems that their relationship is strange. So strange in fact that it has exacerbated all of the PTSD from this unbelievably rough experience. Now she’s isn’t sure of what she’s seeing, who she can trust or even what reality really is.

What We Think: Jennifer Kim gives a stellar showing here even if the film itself is only okay. She’s the catalyst of this and the beginning of the film is designed to get us to feel for her and her struggle. It works, mostly. I think that the ending of the film is what throws this thing from being a top-tier piece. That said there’s some extraordinary moments in this that threw me off a bit and in those moments I really loved this flick. Such a cool concepts that’s well executed. Olivia West Lloyd, who wrote the film directs this film in such a way that it’s easy to follow. She also gives the whole film a foreboding vibe. Its that vibe that helps propel the film. Even if the ending is somewhat disappointing in its vagueness.

Our Grade: B+, Between the interesting concept and the well done exploration of trauma there are some really great moments in this. They don’t always coalesce to making the entire experience a top film of the year but there’s a lot to like here. If the plot interest you then you won’t be left disappointed. I think that Jennifer Kim gives such a great performance that really borders the line between too much and not enough. It’s an expert example of how to play trauma. How to make it feel real. Check this one out. It’s pretty damned good.

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