Review: Goodbye, Petrushka


Title: Goodbye, Petrushka
MPA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Nicola Rose
Starring: Lizzie Kehoe, Thomas Vieljeux, Casey Landman
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What It Is: Claire is quite clear on her goal. She wants to be a puppeteer. To do that she feels as though she must move from New York City to Paris. RIGHT before her big move she meets French former figure skater Thibaut (Vieljeux). When the two meet again in the City of Lights they agree (Thibaut rather reluctantly) to work together on a puppet show starring Thibaut as the lead character Petrushka. But what are Claire intentions, outside of needing a lead for her puppet show?

What We Think: Director Nicola Rose’s story is a simple one and that simplicity is what MAKE the film. Lizzie Kehoe is a VERY likable lead and as we run through the modest runtime we grow to like Claire more and more and that’s a testament to her work here. The actual script is honestly fine. It gets to it’s points I would only say that my biggest criticism is Rafal as a character. His is a character that isn’t likable, isn’t well put together enough to be the absolute villain he is. It doesn’t feel THAT earned yet.

Our Grade: B-, I REALLY like this. Thanks and praise should be poured on to Nicola Rose for the job she does here. She takes this simple premise, simple set up and guides it with such a steady hand. Her work here far out ways her experience. This is her feature debut. A really well made film, a really fun little story and it all caps off with the ending that dropped this from a solid B+ to a B-. This is one to certainly check out. It is on Prime Video and well worth the easy 100 minutes of its runtime.

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