Review: Strays


Title: Strays
MPA Rating: R
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Starring: Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Reggie (Ferrell) is a small little dog who’s owner Doug (Will Forte) is kind of a piece of garbage. You see Reggie (and definitely not Doug’s infidelity) has turned Doug’s life upside down. Now he’s trying to get rid of this pesky mutt. When he leaves Reggie several cities over he’s taken in by a ragtag group os strays. Led by Frenchie Bug (Foxx) the group is on a mission to show Doug just exactly what they think of him…and to bite his dick off..definitely that too.

What We Think: This film is actually hilarious. There have been talking animal films in the past. Most of them more kid-centric. Here the gloves are certainly off and they are doing and saying whatever they want. Will Farrell for me isn’t someone I tend to enjoy but here he’s perfectly sufficient. Jamie Foxx brings Bug to life here and he’s probably the best character. It isn’t what you’d call a laugh a minute but there’s substantial chuckles to be had here and sometimes that’s enough to give a comedy a pass.

Our Grade: B-, When you look at this it’s pretty clear that this was a comedy relying on the shock factor of it’s premise. By and large this sorta works. It will depend on your humor, on what you find funny. For me I found it pretty hilarious and some of the situation work so much better BECAUSE the characters are dogs. The absurdity of everything is pretty much where this shines. Shoutout to the always funny Randall Park and Isla Fisher for providing additional voices and for carrying their weight fantastically. Check out the film immediately. It is great and you’ll love it.

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