Review: The Adults


Title: The Adults
MPA Rating: R
Director: Dustin Guy Defa
Starring: Michael Cera, Hannah Gross, Sophia Lillis
Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins

What It Is: Eric (Cera) finds himself back home with his two sisters Rachael (Gross) and Maggie (Lillis) for what he initially thinks will be a short trip to work on some family affairs. When his poker addiction takes him to a neighborhood game that grows in stakes he decides to stay a little bit longer. This leads to a change in the relationship between him and his sisters. One he not they saw coming in the least bit.

What We Think: Michael Cera making a comeback this year was a welcome sight. Between this and Barbie it’s been nice to see him getting work and shining. He’s excellent here. Even if I didn’t find the material to be all that great. Where the script shines is when all three siblings are on screen together. They have such great chemistry and it is the apex of the film. Cera holds some pretty out of place scenes together. All of the acting from our three leads is great. Defa, who we had the luxury of interviewing does some good work from a directing standpoint.

Our Grade: B, Is this film for everyone? No. It did have me thinking about my family. About how I miss my mother and father and how I haven’t spoken to my brother in a while. It’s those feelings that are earned and are authentic where this film absolutely shines. I do believe this is something for everyone and even if it stumbles from at some times it is an overall human film that I found to be such a nice surprise. Check this one out as it is available on VOD right now. You won’t regret it.

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