Review: Reptile


Title: Reptile
MPA Rating: R
Director: Grant Singer
Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Justine Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone
Runtime: 2 hr 14 mins

What It Is: Tom Nichols (Del Toro) is a good police officer and from what everyone says a great man. When the young wife of an affluent real estate magnet is mysteriously murdered Tom is bound and determined to figure out whodunit. His first suspect is the obvious one the victims husband Will Grady (Timberlake). But there’s something far more sinister going on here outside of one murder. What tangled web has Tom found himself in now?

What We Think: Benicio Del Toro is really just swaggering around for over two hours as himself. Justin Timberlake is already an unlikable prick here which is or isn’t a stretch depending on who you ask. Del Toro helped write this and honestly the script is perfectly sufficient. The mystery, as it unravels is my favorite part of the film. Its conclusion is quite fascinating and worth its time. It is also a fine denouement that, while you can sort of see it coming is rather refreshing. We need to discuss the way this film is directed. Grant Singer, if you didn’t know he was previously a music video director…you’d probably guess it! There’s a style and substance situation here. One that troubles me. Often the cuts are oddly timed and throw off the overall flow. This can happen sometimes with modern music video directors.

Our Grade: B-, A crisp crime drama if I’ve seen one all year. Lead wonderfully by a classic Del Toro turn this is a film that surprised me with its quality even if it doesn’t get everything right all the time. Even if its biggest flaws are in the cast outside of Del Toro (looking at you Timberlake). A rookie feature director who, with seasoning, might be something special. We will have to wait and see what the future brings.

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