Review: Fingernails


Title: Fingernails
MPA Rating: R
Director: Christos Nikou
Starring: Jesse Buckley, Riz Ahmed, Jeremy Allen White
Runtime: 1 hr 53 mins

What It Is: In some alternate reality of our current life there exist technology for testing ones compatibility with their partner. This test is performed by various, trained individuals and at it’s end a fingernail is removed from both people and a test is run. This result tells the couple if they’re in for the long haul or not. Anna (Buckley) has just started working there and her longtime boyfriend Ryan (Allen White) doesn’t know. Through her work she meets fellow instructor Amir (Ahmed) and the two seem pretty compatible. Something neither one saw coming.

What We Think: What an intriguing and well put together film. Jesse Buckley is simply stellar here. I got this feeling of dread with her throughout the whole film. As if she was going to do something to ruin her relationship and her life as we know it at the films beginning. Does Riz Ahmed ever phone it in? I have legitimately never seen him give a bad or even mediocre performance in anything he does. He’s slowly moving up my rankings as one of my personal favorite actors. Director Christos Nikou makes his English language debut here and what is clear is that he has an abundance of talent particularly as a writer. This script is so fresh and well written. At the same time it’s a film that’s somewhat of a downer…in the best ways possible.

Our Grade: A-, This film deserves more press. It’s a great entry from Apple TV+. If you have not check this out now is the perfect time to do it. There’s more than just Ted Lasso on there. Between this excellent piece and Flora and Son Apple is on to something. A nice little surprise from late in 2023 that is sure to both depress and please.

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