Review: Anyone But You


Title: Anyone But You
MPA Rating: R
Director: Will Gluck
Starring: Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp
Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins

What It Is: It’s another random day for law student Bea (Sweeney). She needs to use the bathroom. She stumbles in to a coffee shop. It’s here through some absolute charm that Bea meets Ben (Powell). The two hit it off instantaneously. After spending the day together and falling asleep Bea walks out. This, to Ben, is a slap in the face. He proceeds to tell his best friend Pete (Gata) that she means nothing. Years later the two. Still bitter towards one and other they now must get along as Bea’s sister marries Pete’s sister in a beautiful Australian setting.

What We Think: More of this please. Our new decade has been CRYING for a return to the romcom. Something with a modern spin that plays to the traditions of past screwball comedies while working in the 21st century. This rides that line all the way down under. Australia was a great setting as everything is as beautiful as our two leads themselves. Will Gluck showed signs of having this in him. Easy A lived up to it’s namesake in regards to our score on it. Friends With Benefits showed some surprising chemistry between it’s unlikely leads. That’s on Gluck to make that happen. He does that here as well with Sweeney (who’s never REALLY impressed me) and Powell (who has never failed me). Well color me impressed by both of them. Sweeney is a revelation. She’s funny, honest and really does not mind being the butt of the joke. So many actresses in this modern day would not dare do some of the bits Sweeney pulls off here. I loved that she was fully committed and the film is better for it.

Our Grade: B+, Seek this out. Watch it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, romantic partner. I love love. I love seeing people in love in films. I enjoy romantic comedies and anyone who knows me knows I can spot a good one and a bad one quit easily. This one. This one is good. It isn’t afraid to be sexy, and cool and most of all funny. These are comedies after all. Dude there’s no reason to not haul your cookies to a theater to enjoy this one as God intended.

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