Review: Night Swim


Title: Night Swim
MPA Rating: PG-13
Director: Bryce McGuire
Starring: Wyatt Russell, Kerry Condon, Amélie Hoeferle
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: When a baseball player (Russell) and his family are looking for a place to move after his MS (multiple sclerosis) diagnosis they find the perfect place for them. Complete with a pool. What they do not know is that this pool has a rather sinister past. One which might see someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to fix what has gone wrong. But what exactly IS wrong with this pool? Why does it seek out and try to destroy?

What We Think: Damn this movie is stupid and all it’s characters with it. It comes down to decisions in horror movies often. Why are the characters doing x,y, and z. Here those characters are irredeemably stupid at one of the most vital moments in the film. This says nothing of the actual tissue paper script these dense characters are working from. Thin and dumb plot, thick and stupid characters does not a good film make. A lot of the acting is really on Kerry Condon to carry as the child actors are fine and Wyatt Russell is just sorta there. Staring. Into the endless abyss I’d suppose.

Our Grade: D, Bro I can only tolerate so much bad January horror. I do hope that the films of this first month of 2024 gets slightly better. Please? I don’t ask for much! Blumhouse has really just been putting out garbage. We’ll see what becomes of the rest of their year as they have several more projects that look far better then this one did initially anyway. Don’t watch this. You can probably figure out this film within the first five to ten minutes and the rest is waiting for the expected, and lame, shoe to drop. Highly missable, but to be fair it’s January horror so it could be a lot worse.

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