Review: Mars Express


Title: Mars Express
MPA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jérémie Périn
Starring: Léa Drucker, Mathieu Amalric, Daniel Njo Lobé
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins

What It Is: In the sci-fi future of the 23rd century on the planet Mars two private investigators looks to solve a murder. What unfolds is a mess of further murder, more mystery and a distinct feeling that the robotic and AI technology of the 23rd century may be becoming more sentient, more alive and certainly more sinister. But as it all unfolds will these two PI’s be leading themselves down a rabbit hole of inevitable doom.

What We Think: I loved the animation style of this. It all seems very anime-esque. If the film wasn’t in French it could easily have been a Satoshi Kon film from an aesthetic perspective. For us, here at FilmSnobReviews that is the highest compliment an animated film can receive. Narratively, the film’s plot is a little thick and difficult to follow. The convoluted nature of the plot is expressly the issue of the screenwriter here. We a s the audience have to sift through it all while it is also all in French. Making this a lot more difficult to do then it needs be.

Our Grade: B-, A solid piece of animated filmmaking. One to check out as soon as you can. It’s an odd, beautiful looking film. Strong storytelling visuals couple with a packed narrative to make something that is, once again, truly refreshing in the animation game. As a directorial debut Jérémie Périn is a director that I cannot wait to see more from. A very fresh look to something that could have been an overstuffed mess. Instead Périn navigates the massive tome of a story and somewhat coalesces the craziness. Would honestly recommend you all check this one out as it is an interesting sci-fi look.

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