Review: Which Brings Me To You


Title: Which Brings Me To You
MPA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Peter Hutchings
Starring: Lucy Hale, Nat Wolff, John Gallagher Jr.
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: Jane (Hale) meets Will (Wolff) at a wedding the two are attending. They immediately hit it off. After meeting in a closet to potentially seal the deal the two don’t go through with it. What ensues are conversations about mistakes made in the past. Relationships lost and how they’ve molded the two broken young people that stand before one and other. Along the way maybe they’ll grow to like each other as well. On more than a surface level.

What We Think: This is kind of a mess, and I’m the guy who’d normally defend something like this. This film is all out of sorts. Structurally the film is thin even though it relies on telling stories from the past. Problem is we don’t really like the two leads enough to care what they’ve been through. Wolff and Hale don’t REALLY have a ton of chemistry with one and other. That is a death knell for any romantic comedy. A lack of chemistry. Peter Hutchings as a director does nothing interesting enough for us to care about the visuals so we as an audience are just left stranded in place.

Our Grade: C-, Lacking in any real pizzazz or grab. There’s nothing here to hold the audience in place under the damp wet fart that is chemistry between Hale and Wolff. Visually it does strike you ever an that makes for an overall mediocre romantic comedy in a sea of rather good ones that have been coming out recently. This is about as sure a skip as I can hand out with it being an obvious dud. Because there’s still that flicker of romance that boils, even in a script disinterested in doing anything with it’s simple premise. For that unforgiving and easy mistake to fix this film is getting docked serious points. 98 mins of runtime though really does fly by. A net positive that doesn’t help the proceedings enough to garner anything but our most midland of review scores.

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