Review: Plastic People (SXSW 2024)


Title: Plastic People
MPA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Ben Addelman, Ziya Tong
Starring: Susan Freinkel, Dale Jurassic, Mary Kosuth
Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins

What It Is: What really happens to all the plastics we recycle? Are they ever really gone? Do they actually turned into something else, something more useful? What we discover in this insightful documentary is that plastic never leaves. Buildings burn, people die, but plastic is forever. As we humans grow and evolve we do so while microplastics make their way into and around us at all times. Even if we cannot see them.

What We Think: This is one of the most shocking and frightening things I’ve seen in a documentary in a long time. I was completely unaware of the level of microplastics that sustain themselves within our body. The fact that these things are in us, up to and including being IN our bloodstream. It’s scary and crazy. This film doesn’t hold your hand or pull punches about how these plastics got here, what they do to our bodies. One thing the film doesn’t offer is answers, which isn’t really the goal or point of most documentaries. Here it simply lays everything out and allows us, the audience to make our own judgements.

Our Grade: B, This is a really well made documentary. It shines light on something that we as humans do not think about. A bit scary to truly think about and a film that’ll have you wondering exactly how much plastic is in your body. Chances are high it is a very high amount. Don’t watch this if you’re in the tin foil hat crowd. We don’t need more conspiracy theories when the fact are all presented here. Take what you will from this film but what you will leave with is the stunning realization of just what the heck is in your body at any given time.

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