Review: Dad and Step-Dad


Title: Dad & Step Dad
MPA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Tynan DeLong
Starring: Colin Burgess, Brian Fiddyment, Clare O’Kane
Runtime: 1 hr 18 mins

What It Is: Jim (Burgess) is Branson’s (Fiddyment) dad. He’s dropping off Branson at a cabin for the weekend. He will be staying with his mom Suzie (O’Kane) and her new man Dave (Anthony Oberbeck). But throughout this 3 days Jim and Dave will try to get along and get to know one and other…for the betterment of their son. But can they ACTUALLY get along or will their fragile male egos get in the way of all of that?

What We Think: This wasn’t for me. This is movie has one base joke that is never directly referenced and it’s a really dumb joke. Brian Fiddyment is a 30-something man…playing 12 years old. It’s really lame and I didn’t care for it. Burgess and Oberbeck are the most irritating couple of dudes on screen here. Capable of drying up any woman within a 10 mile radius with ease. I am really unsure who this is for? I’m looking at this film and I’m wondering where the fun in this is. Such a dumb concept should’ve at least been really fun. This bag was, ultimately fumbled.

Our Grade: D, This film would’ve felt better in 2011. It’s something that now…a decade later feels like it missed the boat. I have nothing Colin Burgess even though I’ve eviscerated his two 2024 projects. He just makes movies that genuinely feel like they’ve been passed by. I’ve gotten these things wrong before (Greener Grass) and i’ll be wrong again. Here though I feel like I’m on the right side of hipstery. No I didn’t spell that wrong. This is a total pass for me and it should be for you too. This isn’t charming in anyway. Instead all the characters just come off stupid and tone deaf.

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