Review: Edge of Tomorrow


Title: Edge of Tomorrow

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Dan Liman
Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleason
Runtime: 1 hr 53 minsWhat It Is?: Oh boy! So first off we have Major William Cage (Cruise) an officer in the United States military who is reluctant when he’s forced into combat. During the battle in Paris something happens to Cage and he’s being forced to live this very same day over and over. Throughout this Bill Murray inspired ordeal he meets up with Rita Vrataski also known as the “Full Metal Bitch” and they form a bond by helping one and other figure out exactly what Cage conundrum is, you see she had been through it as well in a previous battle. Now it’s up to both of them to figure out how to take out this extra-terrestrial enemy and possibly you know save the world too.

What We Think!: I made fun of the marketing for this film throughout the year liking it to a cross between the two movies I had previous seen these two leads in Cruises Oblivion and Blunt in Looper. I couldn’t be more glad that my comparison ended up being not only somewhat accurate but also that said comparison turns out to be good ole summer fun! Cruise is back! Blunt is brilliant, put those on your freaking DVD cover! Sadly Edge of Tomorrow is looking to be held back by the box office scare that has been Cruise last few films. Let’s go out there and watch this thing guys, its like playing Halo, except I enjoy this (I’m not a FPS guy..shoot me!) bad puns aside go see the damn movie!

Our Grade: A-, A lot of fun, and very funny Edge of Tomorrow does what several big budget sci-fi films forget to do and it have some levity. Most take themselves too seriously, and even with an over-the-top premise this one gives us a tickle in the funny bone. It’s almost a sci-fi comedy in that way, and that’s is something I can get behind! There’s some great tentpole moments, but the bread and butter lies in the repeating conversations that let us know we’re doing the same thing over. Kudos to director Liman, and his editors for piecing this thing together.

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