Best Picture Winners Part 4 (of 87): Cimarron


Title: Cimarron
Year: 1931
Starring: Richard Dix, Irene Dunne, Estelle Taylor
Director: Wesley Ruggles
Runtime: 2 hrs 3 mins

Is It Any Good?: No, no it isn’t. Not only does Cimarron blow it’s whole load within the first 15 mins, it just isn’t that good a western. I like western, they’re something my grandfather shared with me at an early age. This one is not a good example of what makes this genre great. It leaves all the intrigue at the door quite literally. The film opens, some stuff happens and then out of that same door goes ones interest. I seriously considered turning it off multiple times, but instead, because I love you all I sat through it’s inflated runtime.
Memorable Quote: Yancy Cravat:Sugar, if we all took root and squatted there would never be any new country.
Competition: The Front Page is a great film certainly and Skippy seems to be, although I know nothing about outside what I have read. Outside of that East Lynne and Trader Horn are likewise much more enjoyable and less winded cinematic experiences. Overall it’s sure to be on any list of undeserving Best Picture winners, and rightfully so after having experienced this first hand. I think I’d rather have an Old West dentist perform a root canal then see this again.

Next up we get cavalcade of stars in a feature that has more stars then even the milky way.

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