Reviewing: The Bridge Ep. Three “Sorrowsorn”


Title: The Bridge
Network: FX
Airtime: Wednesday 10 PM
Starring: Demian Bichir, Diane Kruger, Matthew Lillard, Adriana Mendez, Ted Levine, Thomas M. Wright
Episode: “Sorrowsworn”A Bit of Info: A new character, Eleanor Nacht, has been introduced this season, and it is her aftermath that this episode focuses on. Certainly the additional plot threads are important, but hers is the most intriguing. With her tattoos and apparent masochism—the pin prick between her breast in the dressing room—she is a terrifyingly fascinating character in a show choke full of them. We know that she is connected to the cartel, but what is her deal? Is she supernatural as some scenes subtly suggest? Speaking of supernaturalism, was it that or mere coincidence that compels the roadside souvenir salesman to offer Linder a rock with his purchase for Eva?

What We Think: With this third episode, the show is ably generating and sustaining momentum. Sometimes the various plot threads are hard to keep up with, but they are all well interwoven into the episode. This show requires some effort to keep up, but that is what makes it so worthwhile. Indeed, the various character motivations and their relationships to the central plot are well handled. In addition to the excellent Eleanor development, Linder’s return to the abused girl’s sanctuary also has its interesting developments. While Linder and Bob “deal” with a dangerous interloper (a Juarez officer) who is looking for Eva, the show reminds us that there are no hard lines between good and evil. See rock from above paragraph.

Our Grade: B+ The multitudinous plot lines sustain interest in the series and this episode. Eleanor’s Heisenberg-Style body disposal was chilling enough, but when Linder learns of just how poor Eva was treated by the “cartel and the Juarez officers,” his violent reaction jolts us. This is a surprising good episode and series.

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