DVD Review: Ironman & Captain America: Heroes United


Title: Ironman & Captain America: Heroes United
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: None Credited
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Roger Craig Smith, Clancy Brown
Runtime: 1 hr 11 mins

What It Is: Mericfully short! Seriously though the situation involves Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Steve Rogers, for those of you not in the know that’d be Captain America making a bet with one and other. You see apparently they have two very different styles when it comes to combat. And if you weren’t aware of this initially they’ll be sure and remind you a million more times (that is not hyperbole!…okay perhaps it is a bit!) They’ve also decided to go with the CGI/cell-shaded look that worked so well for MTV when they decided to do Spider-Man…oh the horror. In addition it seems as though the animation on a lot of the words wasn’t you know…finished. As the characters speak it seems like a cheap Asian Kung Fu film.

What We Think: It lacks a compelling story, and tries too hard for the twist. Instead it takes these great characters that the live action franchise has spent a good time building and it destroys it. The voice acting isn’t particularly bad, but it wasn’t great. Clancy Brown is known more for his voice work as Lex Luthor in like every DC animated thing ever! To hear his voice coming out of Taskmaster was probably some of the best stuff. It’s really not a great animated adventure and the acutual animation isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the previous Marvel Animated film we reviewed the not so good Black Widow/Punisher mashup. It’s the exact same quality of film sadly.    

Our Grade: F, Marvel can revel in it’s onscreen success on the big screen. However it is here in the animated area were DC still completely owns them! It lacks the intrigue of any of the DC offerings here including their last film (Justice League:War) which wasn’t even all that great trumps the hell outta this thing. Saggy animation, a bland script and by numbers plot does nothing for me. Only check this out if you’re a huge fan of Marvel, and these two characters specifically.

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