Review: Gotham



Show: Gotham
Title: Balloon Man
Network: Fox
Airtime: Monday, 8 pm
Starring: Ben Mackenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett-Smith

What It Is: following the events of last week. It seems as though Selina Kyle may know something when it comes to the murder of the Wayne family. To find out unfortunately Jim Gordon is going to have to bend a little. As if that weren’t enough there’s now a man killing people with weather balloon that the media has dubbed Balloon Man. We can’t say how is picking his targets, but it would seem there’s something a little crooked about each one. Meanwhile Fish Mooney continues her deception of the Falcone family, and Oswald Cobblepot has returned to Gotham and is instituting a plan to get in with the Marone family, the sworn enemy of the Falcones.

What We Think: things seem to be heating up in Gotham with every characters arc seemingly heating up. Jada Pinkett Smith seems to be continuing her over acting, and Donal Logue and Ben Mackenzie continue to show strong chops with their characters. Richard Lord Taylor keeps Cobblepot interesting and it’ll be awesome to see where he goes. As for the balloon man he would not the one of my first choices to introduce the world of Gotham to. The backstory featuring Barbara and the detective seems overly soap operatic, as well as super forced. I really wish they didn’t go ally with this angle. Sadly will have to deal with it and hope it adds a great deal of intrigue instead of cheapening the product.

Our Grade: B-, Nowhere near the standard we come to expect for the series I hope this is the start of something awful. However one has to realize every series has filler episodes. Still there was interesting things to take away. For example where will they take The Penguin character.What will become of Fish Mooney. And how Detectivr Gordon keep the promise he’s made to Barbara about cleaning up Gotham. one has to hope that next week brings far more intrigue and far less melodramatics.

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