Review: Ouija


Title: Ouija
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Stiles White
Starring: Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Darren Kagasoff
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Based on the popular Hasbro board game, this money grab horror film was produced by Michael Bay. The deal here is a young woman named Debbie and here best friend Laine played, and have played the titular board game since they were small. Debbie upon breaking on of the cardinal rules of the game (never play alone) and somethings go down following this event. An event that’ll change Laine and her entire group’s lives. What will the Ouija reveal? Take a gander down the planchette and don’t forget to say goodbye!

What We Think: Oof, the only thing scary about this film is the lack of scares. It too often gets held up by the crutch of a PG-13 rating. It comes off as a poor man’s version of The Conjuring. But were that film had a directed narrative and interesting twist this film featured a bland story, one that was essentially an afterthought, and uninteresting characters. I haven’t even mentioned the cliches yet. Every single one you can think of is there. Convoluted antagonist back story? Check. Protagonists doing non-sensical things which result in their demise? Also a check! First time director White also wrote the film with his wife, which I can only assume was done to get her a introductory writing credit because the dialogue is hideous.

Our Grade: D+, Lacking story and substance doesn’t damn a horror movie. Lack of scares, suspense and no feeling of danger or terror…do. Look I’m sure this film will make it’s money it just won’t be getting any from me. Tis the season to be scary, sadly Ouija only features frighteningly bad dialogue, flat one dimensional horror cliches as characters and a ridiculously tangled plot that should’ve been simplified. Ouija was what you’d expect it to be, and had it been the least bit fun it could have been more then what it is. And what it is is not very good at all. Olivia Cooke is getting cast in awful PG-13 filler films like this and this summer’s The Quiet Ones and if you click that link you’ll see what we think of that light beer version of a much better horror film. Come on Olivia you’re better then this!

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