Review: Stretch


Title: Stretch
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Joe Carnahan
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Ed Helms
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Stretch as he is affectionately known is a down of his luck limo driver who is dealing with life constantly punching him in the gut. You see his girlfriend Candace dumped him about a year ago and he’s been reeling ever since. Now he’s trying to stay away from the vices that had formally consumed his life including a hefty gambling habit. A debt whose bill needs settling ASAP. So to get the money he needs to avoid losing any valuable body part he picks up eccentric billionaire playboy Roger Karos, and thus begins a night of debuchery, one where Stretch doesn’t know whats going to happen next.

What We Think: I don’t understand how this film couldn’t get distribution. It’s a curious thing what with the good performances, and pretty good script. The film does a great job of making Los Angeles this place full of weirdoes, which is exactly what it is. Wilson is great as Stretch, and Chris Pine is super funny as Roger Karos it’s a side (both literally and figuratively) we’ve not seen from Pine yet, and I have to say he was entertaining as hell. Even Jessica Alba whose normally stone faced and uninterested kept my attention in this one.

Our Grade: B-, Carnahan’s direction is able to reel in this bat shit crazy film. It moves at a break neck speed. This type of speed isn’t a problem for the man that made Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team happen. Those films like this have a handful of characters in an area and each one gets a shot to shine. I really look forward to more from Wilson whose got two huge movies on the way with Ant-Man and The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist. This film cannot be seen at a theater near you, but don’t fret you don’t even have to go out as it just hit Netflix. So go ahead and stream away!

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