Review: Angel of Anywhere


Title: Angel of Anywhere
MPAA Rating: NR
Director: James Kicklighter
Starring: Briana Evigan, Ser’Darius Blain, Axel Roldos
Runtime: 16 min

What It Is: A short film that centers on the Anywhere bar, where compassionate male stripper Angel (Roldos) possesses the power to not only fix faulty electronics but damaged goods in human form too.

What We Think: Essentially a snapshot of working life for Angel, who as we’re following with a gliding tracking shot as the film opens, fixes a broken light bulb with the flick of his wrist. In the privacy of a back room, Angel entertains timid customer Michelle (Evigan) and later, rowdy punter Brian (Blain). Although he’s almost nude, it’s Angel’s customers that are the most exposed, as their emotions are laid bare in what quickly become therapy sessions. Written by Kate Murdoch and Casey Nelson, there’s a natural touch to the script with dialogue ranging from innocent to awkward, positioning the audience as a fly on the wall, listening to raw conversations that should be unheard.

Jonathan Pope’s sleek cinematography captures the vivid neon backdrop of Anywhere’s nightlife, with back rooms purposely and precisely lit with cold blues and angry reds. While Angel’s presence offers an otherworldly glow, newcomer Roldos quite literally shines on screen as he becomes an unconventional guardian angel. Experienced actress Evigan is also a standout with her graceful, nuanced performance.

Our Grade: B, Kicklighter’s stylish short film flows effortlessly and boasts a committed cast who, in a mere sixteen minutes, are able to bring depth to their roles. Aside from a few exchanges between secondary characters that slightly tarnish the superb subtly of the film, Angel of Anywhere is a taut examination of human insecurities, with a sprinkle of the supernatural.

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