Review: Home Again


Title: Home Again
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Nat Wolff, and Pico Alexander
Runtime: 1hr 37 mins

What It Is: Alice (Witherspoon) goes out to celebrate her 40th birthday with friends. She is recently separated and a mother to two daughters. As she is celebrating she meets Harry (Alexander) and his two other friends who are all aspiring filmmakers. Alice offers Harry and his friends her guest house because they have nowhere to stay. Harry ends up liking Alice and blah blah blah. Alice’s husband comes back into the picture to try and save their marriage. Harry and his friends are pursuing a lead to have a film financed. Will Alice get back with her husband or fall for a guy who is thirteen years younger than her? Who cares?

What We Think: The movie is awful. It is everything that is cliché about romantic comedies. Literally cut and paste a romantic comedy and you have this film. Witherspoon simply collects a paycheck in the film. It has a couple laughs but nothing worth wasting your money to see. How the mighty have fallen from such graces as Walk the Line. Wait for this movie as I’m sure it will be on Lifetime or Hallmark somewhere down the road.

Our Grade: D+, The film does nothing. It is cliché. I am saying the same things over and over because this movie recycles a story line so I might as well recycle adjectives to describe this film. Like its title, the movie will make you wish you were Home Again.

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