Review: WTF – World Thumb-wrestling Federation


Title: WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Enrico Natale
Starring: Samm LevineJohn HenniganEddie Jemison
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: The world of professional thumb wrestling can be a competitive mistress. The Brussel family had long held court as the best in the sport’s history. That is until Papa Brussel’s the families patriarch dies in the middle of a championship match. His opponent was Mr. Venom (Bert Belasco) a man with a deformed right thumb. Now five years later Mr. Venom is still the champion and it would seem the only hope is the Brussel brothers Connor and Kenny (Rob Colletti and Nathan Caywood) if they themselves can get along.

What We Think: This film has its moments where it is truly funny. Sometimes, however, the dialogue can come off as a bit too crass particularly the jokes involving Bottomless Clams. Those are the ones that than to miss more than they hit. Colletti and Caywood’s contentious characterizations really show their relationship. The cache of supporting characters is really a smorgasbord of funny. John Hennigan from Boone the Bounty Hunter plays a limited role but is hilarious in his scenes. Enrico Natale does a double duty well as both director and in a bit part as Molt.

Our Grade: C+, While not the strongest comedy it certainly has moments of funny. Lacking memorable characters, which for me is a staple of good comedies this one runs middle of the road. When you take into consideration the film’s budget. That makes this thing far more revelatory. That has to be placed into account when grading a film like this. Regardless I do recommend that everyone check out the film because it deserves your support. More films made simply because someone wanted to make something are EXACTLY what the art needs. So let’s do just that.

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