Review: Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension


Title: Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Gregory Plotkin
Starring: Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw, Ivy George
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins
What It Is: When they discover a camera that can seemingly see objects and events that are not really their brothers Ryan (Murray) and Mike (Dan Gill) are unsure of it’ origin. Upon discovering this device, they are intent to find its true scope as well as its exact power. What they wonder, they soon find out as now they now the camera is a portal to some alternate reality, a gateway to a “ghost dimension”. What’s worse is now they’ve discovered that the demon “Toby” is Ryan’s daughter Leila (George).

What We Think: They just need to stop making these things. Not only is this one not good it lacks any sort of originality. We’re stuck with the same tired genre tropes that made the first film in this series such a surprise. From an acting standpoint, there’s nothing to write home about what with most of the dialogue being douchy bull crap from Mike, people screaming, or utter nonsense. Sadly it does the one thing horror movies should not do. It is not scary. Normally these films will get me with a jump scare or something, but here I did not even flinch.

Our Grade: F, This is terrible filmmaking and even worse storytelling. All it equates to is a mercifully short runtime that even then seems like way too long. As for my recommendation I cannot in good conscience let anyone sit through this travesty. Skip it, avoid it, just act as if this is the 11th century in Europe and this film is the plague. Look for this to be on my worst of list, unless 2015 has more in store for me than I anticipate.

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