5 Things We’ve Wrongly Assumed About BvS


Obviously the first and most apparent flaw in this is that we don’t actually know the context for his…interesting take on the character. Secondly whose to say this turn isn’t the exact one needed. Let’s recall Eisenberg’s Luthor is the son of another Lex Luthor presumably the one familiar to fans of the source material. Let us then assume he’s had a silver spoon his entire life. Wouldn’t he then be an annoying jerk who is also terribly awkward in social situations?

“But he isn’t bald”, yeah well not yet! Does that even really matter? Give the guy a chance to show us what he’s working with. I mean his line in the trailer to Lois was pretty damned good.

4. Batman Chained Up is a “Dream”

Hold one, what? There’s no indication of this at all. In fact whose to say where this lay in the timeline. If you ask me I think it is after we meet Doomsday, more on that later.

“But why would he pull the mask off?” We have never in any of the materials seen Superman speak to Batman without his mask. Wouldn’t he wanna know who this guy is? In addition, my first point can be looked at given we can spot what could be parademons attacking the soldiers in what looks to be the same desert this scene takes place. Look at around 1:55 in the trailer to see what I mean.

3. That the Films Tone Will Shift Drastically

We don’t know what the tone is yet. Yet those people online are already assuming what it is based on a total of four minutes of combined footage. This belief no doubt stems from the scene near the end of the trailer where Supes says to Bats in relation to Wonder Woman “She with you?” to which Bats retorts “I thought she was with you?” Now this could be seen as levity at the wrong moment, but perhaps it fits perfectly into the context of the narrative.

“But didn’t DC say there’d be no jokes?” Yes, yes they did, but you cannot possibly expect them to stick to that word absolutely literally. If the script is good, and for all intent and purposes it could be (so far so good) why would they reject it because it has jokes?

2. That This Trailer is Somehow Sequential

Does someone want to gimme a trailer in existence that is absolutely correct chronologically? I’ll wait and I’ll be here until I die because there isn’t one. This trailer isn’t first act, the second act, third act. I don’t believe that at all! In fact, I think there’s a certain amount of slight of hand going on with this trailer. We’ll touch on that in a bit. Likewise assuming this falls in danger of not caring about the first trailer. Do we really think the World’s Greatest Detective does not know who Wonder Woman is? To that, there are scenes in the first trailer of Bruce Wayne and Diana dancing, and talking to one and other. Perhaps they’re sharing information they’ve gathered on one and other?

“But that last 30 seconds gave away the whole movie!” Did it? Do you know with 100 percent certainty? Without the scope of the entire film, those excited or formerly excited to themselves a disservice by assuming themselves out of it. Guess what? Until we view this thing on March 26th of next year all we’re doing is talking ourselves out of this movie. Let’s try to remain calm and not flip out. This is the internet, though, so I won’t be holding my breath.

1. Doomsday is in His “Final Form”

Anyone seen Dragonball Z, like ever? Well, Doomsday is a lot like Freiza. Whereas the DBZ character can shed his previous form Doomsday is a bit different. You see becomes impervious to whatever had previously killed him. This, in part, is due to the nature of his creation. Do you really expect this guy to be one and done? I think that he’ll be killed in this film by one of DC’s holy trinity, and likewise return for the Justice League film. It is here where the ancillary characters like Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash will be important. To that Doomsday can also adapt to situations. What I mean by that is if Batman hits him what a Batarang don’t be surprised if next time Doomy catches it.

“But he doesn’t look like the comic book Doomsday!” So? I don’t think we’ve seen his final form. I think after his defeat here by the hands of our heroes he’ll return bearded and pissed off with skeletal armor stabbing out of every point.

What do you guy think? Have I gotten it totally wrong? Are all the speculation likely reality? Let me know in the section below.

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