Review: Countdown


Title: Countdown
MPAA Rating: R
Director: John Stockwell
Starring: Nick Nemeth, Glenn Jacobs, Katharine Isabelle
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: When cop Ray Fitzpatrick (Nemeth) gets suspended following yet another incident with a partner of his. When a perceived prank by someone he doesn’t know turns out to possibly be far more sinister than initially thought Fitzpatrick is caught up in a game in which he isn’t sure of who all the players are. Nor does he know what their true intentions are. Now without the consent of his captain (Jacobs) and a partner he can’t stand (Isabelle) as he races against the clock to save the situation that his arrogance caused.

What We Think: Man is this terrible. These sorts of films are the kind that really just leave you really empty. There isn’t any good acting. Katharine Isabelle has had one or two good roles (Lookin’ at you American Mary) but for the most part, she’s a terrible actress. When your best performer is a pro-wrestler whose never been in a film you know there’s some straight awful going down. Nemeth (billed here by his ring name Dolph Ziggler) is well enough for what he has to do. Much in the way fellow ring wrestler Jonathan Good in last years 12 Rounds: Lockdown he holds his own around terrible acting and pretty pedestrian direction.

Our Grade: D+, I’m going to tell each and every one of you to go ahead and skip this countdown. If you like a middle of the road action movies with bad acting then by all means go right ahead and try to get through the ridiculous WWE product placement within this feature film. It’s the most disgusting use or this case abuse of WWE by its agreement with Lionsgate. So far that studio has only really put out 1 tolerable films (That’s What I Am) and two films I really think are genuinely good (The Call, and Oculus). To that point, neither of the two I think are good feature a wrestler in site. Oculus in fact, is one of my favorite horror films of the last five years.

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