Review: Hello, My Name Is Doris


Title: Hello My Name is Doris
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Michael Showalter
Starring: Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Wendi McLendon-Covey
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

What It Is: Doris (Field) is a lonely woman whose mother has just died. When she goes to a self-help seminar she feels empowered to pursue a younger man named John (Greenfield) that works at her office. As she deals with the realization that her mother is gone she delves into the world of social media and indie music in order to woo her potential “beau”. As all her concerns start to manifest themselves along with her realizing she may be a hoarder.

What We Think: Sally Field is just ridiculously adorable in this. Not only will she charm you as our septuagenarian heroine but dammit if you don’t root for her the whole time. As she navigates through unfamiliar turf you’re witness to it all and Field’s lays it bare. I became so invested that when she wins I felt like I won and when she lost I felt the crushing blow of defeat. This is one of my favorite female performances of 2016. One other really cool tidbit is that the script never plays like Doris is a victim to these younger hipsters. Instead, it makes her seem included in the most sincere of ways.

Our Grade: B, I’m going to recommend this movie wholeheartedly. Not only is it unbelievably charming it puts you under a spell. Sure it’s sort of cliche but that’s kind of the fun. There’s a ton to love and even more to want. I have a problem with the ending. Insofar that it does the one thing I hate in indie films and leaves it kind of ambiguous. Without that and a few other minor disturbances I had with the script this could have garnered a higher grade.






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