Review: The Conjuring 2


Title: The Conjuring 2
MPAA Rating: R
Director: James Wan
Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe
Runtime: 2 hrs 14 mins

What It Is: Ed and Lorraine Warren (Farmiga and Wilson) are once again on the case as a family in London begins to notice something strange and wicked within their home they go first to the police. That same police force goes to the church and the church calls in our experts. What they uncover is a spirit unlike anything even they’ve ever seen. As this spirit, who manifests itself as a nun, begins to grow darker a premonition by Lorraine may lead to an, even more, sinister end to this story.

What We Think: My god that is a scary flick! James Wan is an absolute master of horror. Much in the vein of Carpenter in the 80’s Craven in the 90’s Wan is the new class of terror. Farmiga and Wilson have such a great chemistry. With that they’re not the real stars here… the atmosphere is. There’s a palpable fear that so permeates through each frame that you can taste it. I have never felt such terror. I mean not since The Conjuring in 2013. Madison Wolfe is terrific and terrifying as the young Janet. Genuinely the best horror film I’ve seen since perhaps The Babadook or It Follows

Our Grade: A, I am really looking forward to if and when they turn this into a trilogy. As a guy who isn’t really into horror, per say I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this film series. I am unsure if they’ll continue the spin-offs in the way they did with that creep Annabelle. Perhaps The Crooked Man would make an intriguing option for one of those. We’ll see where this franchise goes but so far it is in an excellent place!

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