Review: 1 Night


Title: 1 Night
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Minhal Baig
Starring: Anna Camp, Justin Chatwin, Isabelle Fuhrman
Runtime: 1 hr 20 mins

What It Is: Two young people Bea (Fuhrman) and Andy (Kyle Allen) are not having a great night at their prom. Particularly Bea who just got dumped by her douchy boyfriend. Andy has had a crush on her since they were little. When thirtysomethings Elizabeth (Camp) and Drew (Chatwin) try to help the two younger folks avoid the mistakes of their past we’ll learn more about each couple’s situation. What we’re looking for is how they deal with it.

What We Think: It struggles to tell it’s narrative in a way that makes its structure work. A lot is missing from a script perspective. I like some of the performances here particularly Kyle Allen’s whose vulnerability really worked for the story being told. Most of the other cast were rather one dimensional and that’s mostly a script problem. While it doesn’t dive enough into what happened between our married couple I think if it had it would’ve helped the weight of the situation feel heavier. Every scenario feels like a half measure, unsure and not on even ground.

Our Grade: C-, You cannot fail a movie that goes out there and tries as hard as this film does. It wants to gut punch us but settles for a blocked jab to the breadbasket. Check it out if you’re a fan of romantic comedies like myself. If you aren’t staying away would be perfectly content. I do think this film subverts genre cliches in a way more mainstream RomComs don’t even try. This is more depressive and real and less fantastical boy meets girl. Regardless this is a smaller film that could use your support. Help this one out if you’re into it.

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