Review: King Arthur – Legend Of The Sword


Title: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Eric Bana
Runtime: 2 hr 6 mins

What It Is: Arthur (Hunnam) loves to cause mischief, he gets things done the way he wants, consequence or not. One day he pulls the sword in the stone, Excalibur. After pulling Excalibur from the rock, Arthur finds out he is The Born King, who will be the next king of Camelot. He faces many struggles along the way, from handling the sword’s to defeating the evil king, Vortigern. He has help from The Mage (Frisbey) and a group of rebels and leads them to defeat the evil king and take back the throne.

What We Think: King Arthur is a definite surprise. It has style, fun characters and fun action that can keep just about anyone entertained. The movie begins by showing you who Arthur (Hunnam) was as a kid and what he was like growing up since his father’s death. He is raised in a brothel and is brought up by a group of women who do everything for him as he would do anything for them. The movie does go at a fast pace and shows you what Arthur does in his spare time and how he makes a living. The movie doesn’t really go for a creative edge and just goes with what everyone already knows and plays it safe.

The style of the movie drives it. It’s a very flashy movie with up in your face effects that have there ups and downs but nevertheless are entertaining. The character development is limited to only King Arthur himself and King Vortigern. While yes, you do see some with Uther Pendragon, it’s just not enough to connect and care for him.

Our Grade: B-, Overall I’d have to give this movie a B-. it was almost a B but not quite. it brings nothing new to the tale of King Arthur but instead plays it safe with its story and never goes above and beyond and instead leaves it at a cliche, overdone, action packed movie that you’d probably forget in a day or two. The action is sprinkled in but there is a good amount of it throughout and it comes in when it’s needed and not forced. The action, when it happens is great. If you like flashy effects that’ll make your eyes hurt and your jaw drop, you’re in for a treat. Guy Ritchie’s style is defiantly in it, a more quantity over quality feeling, it focuses more on visuals then creative story elements.

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