Review: Spiderman – Homecoming


Title: Spiderman: Homecoming
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Starring: Tom HollandMichael KeatonRobert Downey Jr.
Director: Jon Watts
Runtime: 2 hr 13 mins

What It Is: Finally Spiderman has come back…home! With Marvel co-producing following the wall-crawler’s cameo in Captain America: Civil War we see a 15-year-old Peter Parker dealing with these new found powers, the death of his uncle and now the aftermath of having fought with the Avengers. Tony Stark is still trying to mentor the young man including giving him the suit in Civil War. Now with a menace facing the city in the form of Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture (Keaton), he’ll receive his first big challenge.

What We Think: Tom Holland IS Spiderman! This may just be the best film featuring Peter Parker and his alter-ego. Not only is the film a refreshingly fun piece of cinema but we really get how naive and young this 15-year-old Peter is. Michael Keaton is not only the in company with Spiderman 2’s Dr. Octopus as the best cinematic villain in Spidey history, but he’s also one of the best in the MCU. There’s a twist which I won’t spoil and I found it satisfying and worth its wait. Overall a lot of great performances are littered throughout this fantastic film.

Our Grade: A-, Jon Watts gave us an introduction with Cop Car and that one was damned interesting here though Watts gets my biggest complaints and that’s his unsteady hand during the action scenes really makes it kind of jumbled during those scenes. Other than that though Marvel and Sony’s first film together under the dual banner was an impressive one! Like Capt. Louis and Rick from Casablanca, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.Much remains to be seen from Marvel and how Spiderman fits into their plans. Nonetheless, I expect great things!

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