Review: Operator


Title: Operator
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Logan Kibens
Starring: Martin StarrMae WhitmanNat Faxon
Runtime: 1 hr 27 mins

What It Is: When software programmer Joe (Starr) needs inspiration for the new IVR he has to develop in an absurd amount of time he looks to his wife Emily (Whitman) for inspiration. A literal voice in the static. Using her words and her intonation as the basis Joe builds his new IVR from the ground up. Now he gets to work side by side with his loving wife, but at what cost to them in both their relationship to each other and the outside world?

What We Think: I loved this film. It was funny in the right spots while also giving our characters, especially the two leads, their times to shine. Even the bit players are great. I remember seeing Cameron Esposito earlier in the year in First Girl I Loved here they give her a bit more to do. I love reviewing these smaller pieces as often they’re more personal pieces. It’s that personability that really keeps you invested in this one! Whitman is a standout and Starr gives the deepest performances I’ve ever seen from him.

Our Grade: A-, This one knocked me off my feet. Never has a film floored me so positively from what my preconception of it. Not only will the film surprise you but I think you might end up loving it. I highly recommend you check out this one! It’s central message, which I won’t spoil, is something I think anyone in 2017 can relate to. The best part about this is it is available to U.S. Netflix subscribers right now! So check it out if you have that particular service. If not it’s on-demand all over the place. I look forward to Logan Kibens next film if this is going to be his debut.

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