Review: Die, My Dear


Title: Die, My Dear
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Matthew Kalamane
Starring: Thomas BurksDeirdre McCauleyJeannie Ferrara
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: Victor and Miranda set up a dinner date, hoping to resolve some conflicts they had in their marriage. But after the night progresses, things take a dark turn when they poison each other during a meal. Now awaiting their fate, they will have to face together the horrible side effects that the poison they have given each other cause.

What We Think: Die, My Dear is great and simple 90-minute thriller that will keep you entertained throughout with its great story. The two leads carry the film well, and their performances are great, minus a few iffy moments. They pulled off the “believable couple who is suffering” very well and even impressed me a few times. As for the characters, they played, watching them for the first 40 minutes was great, but they just lost my interest after that, and I didn’t care what would even happen to them as the film went on. The film was well shot for what it was, the pacing was good throughout, and the script was well written, there were even some very compelling conversations at the start of the film.

Our Grade: B, Die, My Dear is a fun watch and for what it is, I was impressed. I recommend it for anybody who is looking for a simple, effective, indie thriller that you’ll probably forget about next week. I mean not bad for a film with a total budget of around $300. Unbelievable feat.

Enjoy some footage from the red carpet premiere! As well as some cast interviews!

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