Review: The Big Sick

Title: The Big Sick
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Michael Showalter
Starring: Kumail NanjianiZoe KazanHolly Hunter
Runtime: 2 hrs

What It Is: Kumail (Nanjiani) is a standup comedian in Chicago. When he meets a young woman named Emily (Kazan) one night at the club he performs at. When the two start to date this gets complicated as Kumail’s mother is trying to follow standard Pakistani protocol and arrange a marriage for her son. This is something that is going on unbeknownst to Emily. When she finds out it tears them apart and shortly after their breakup, Emily falls ill and eventually a coma.

What We Think: This is as of the writing of this article the best film 2017’s put out. Kumail Nanjiani is fantastic and Zoe Kazan will steal your heart in every frame she’s in. Ray Romano gets really close to stealing the film though. He and Holly Hunter have an infectious energy about their Beth and Terry. There are amazing moments of “reality” and truth that stick out. More films in the romantic comedy genre need to have a fresh take like this. I’m a notorious sucker for romantic comedies and this is among the decades best! Watch out everything else because this movie is big and this movie is sick and this movie is a star maker for Kumail Nanjiani!

Our Grade: A+, One of 2017’s absolute best films. I highly recommend everyone check this out it is truly remarkable. I love the ending as well. I also really liked the family dynamic whether it was Kumail’s or Emily’s. Of course, this all leads to a remarkably glowing recommendation! If you’re privileged enough to be some place currently playing this feature treat yourself to it you won’t regret it. Bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife I wish I had would’ve loved to have gotten her reactions to it! I digress. I am looking very forward to what the year has in store but I think come Oscar time this might have some buzz especially for its stellar screenplay.