Review: The Mummy


Title: The Mummy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Alex Kurtzman
Starring: Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Russel Crowe
Runtime: 1 hr 51 mins
What It Is: The first feature film to be apart of the “Dark Universe” it sets things up for future films.  Tom Cruise is Nick Morton, a solider that finds the tomb of Queen Ahmanet and is chased by her. Sofia Boutella plays the “Mummy” or known as Queen Ahmanet. Jake Johnson plays Tom Cruise’s painfully annoying sidekick, Vail. Annabelle Wallis plays Tom Cruise’s love interest, Jenny, for the film and is nothing but generic. Nick (Cruise) and Jenny (Wallis) must find a way to stop the merciless queen from taking the world and making it hers again.

What We Think: The Mummy is one of the most generic and boring action movies ever made. The characters are not well developed and just feel dumb. Tom Cruise is awful in this movie. Every line he says sounds so forced and awkward that it just doesn’t sound like him. His character is really dumb and does some unspeakably stupid things. The plot plays it safe for the most part maybe too safe for its own good. There’s this 10 minute backstory that happens at the beginning of the movie and just doesn’t feel needed. The action is serviceable at best. Every scene of action feels underwhelming and nothing really happens during them. Jake Johnson is equally as bad as Tom Cruise and maybe even worse. He’s annoying, unneeded and just bad. His character has no development and just feels out of place. Wallis doesn’t serve a purpose other than to be there and have Tom Cruise yell at her. Russell Crowe is probably the best thing about the movie. He plays Mr Henry Jeykll and as for his character, he doesn’t have a lot of development I still don’t know why he’s there.

Our Grade: D, Overall The Mummy is one of Hollywood’s biggest mistakes. It fails on every level and most importnantly, isnt needed. As for now, The Dark Universe isn’t looking very good. Hopefully the next movie will be better but my hopes are not high. In The end, I do not recommend you watch this and spend your hard earned cash on it. It isn’t a total failure but it is one of 2017’s biggest flops.

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