Review: Temps


Title: Temps
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Ryan Sage
Starring: Grant RosenmeyerLindsey Shaw, Eden Sher
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

What It Is: Jefferson (Rosenmeyer) is a bit of a slacker. Concerned only with getting to a mountain to ski every year and not much else. To make ends meet he’s a temp and he seems to be happy here. When he meets the driven Stephanie (Shaw) the two start a… something with one and other. Jefferson cannot get over himself and grow up and that may end up costing him a girl he seems to have true feelings for.

What We Think: This film not only has a very funny script but a lot of the action is super charming. From Rosenmeyer’s frat boy charisma to Shaw’s lovingly bitchy attitude. She’s a hard nut to crack but one Rosenmeyer’s Jefferson wants to take a shot at. I really enjoyed the banter between the characters. The two leads have amazing chemistry and that’s really what this film relies on. I liked the ending a lot! It’s something you don’t often see in a film in this genre. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any way but it knows what it is and does enough to feel fresh.

Our Grade: B-, I suggest you check this out where you can! It’s an endearing and realistic look at love, sex, and relationships in the modern time. While it may not be the best example it is one I think didn’t get enough love and should. Unlike other recent examples like Walk of Fame and Fallen Stars, this movie felt legit. I’d like a few more movies like this in the RomCom genre and it looks like independent cinema is the place to find it. Given that one of 2017’s best is the fantastic The Other Half

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