Review: Nocturama

Title: Nocturama
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Bertrand Bonello
Starring: Finnegan OldfieldVincent RottiersHamza Meziani
Runtime: 2 hrs 10 mins

What It Is: Nocturama is a 2017 french film that follows a group of kids who carry out a series of terrorist attacks and shortly after, hide in a shopping mall.

What We Think: Nocturama is such a powerful film even with its simple story. It’s a disturbing, symbolic, intelligent thriller that will leave an impact on you with it’s thought to provoke themes and ideas. These characters are doing something horrible, something that is one of the most horrible things in our world today, yet these characters are likable somehow. Bonello is brilliant, the idea to put these characters in a mall with different sections that fit their character is simply a brilliant way to develop them. Over 2 hours, there was not a minute where I was bored, even with the lack of dialogue. Seriously, Nocturama had me seriously on the edge of my seat multiple times, it was pulse pounding and even towards the end, scary. The final moments are some of the best in 2017 film, and I wouldn’t surprised if they were the best at the end of the year. It’s also aesthetically perfect throughout, beautiful in every way possible, and cool editing and music choices that go with the film perfectly.

Our Grade: A+, Nocturama is a smart, powerful thriller that is one of my personal favorites of 2017. It has some great ideas to share, never leaves you bored, and ultimately leaves some kind of impact on you. I highly recommend it for anyone.