Review: Folk Hero & Funny Guy


Title: Folk Hero & Funny Guy
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Jeff Grace
Starring: Alex KarpovskyWyatt RussellMeredith Hagner
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins

What It Is: When his childhood friend turned folk singer Jason (Russell) invites him to open for his tour, newly single comedian Paul (Karpovsky) accepts and tries to move on from the dissolution of his engagement. Along the way, they meet Bryn (Hagner) a fellow singer-songwriter trying to make her way. Now the three vagabonds travel the country on tour learning about each other and themselves while trying to navigate the road of life.

What We Think: This was a really enjoyable piece. Not only did it make for a great road movie, buddy movie, and romantic comedy but it’s existential questions leave it somewhere between Bogdanovich and Woody Allen. In fact, Karpovsky, of GIRLS fame, plays someone reminiscent of Allen in films like Manhattan and Annie Hall. Wyatt Russell is ever the charmer but for me, Meredith Hagner who I’d never seen in the lead of anything steps out and steals the freakin’ show! She’s great! This is one of those movies that comes along within a year that has music in it and I know right off the bat I’m going to appreciate it. Look to films of the past like Sing StreetGod Help the Girl, and Rudderless. You put music in your film you have my attention.

Our Grade: B+, A really enjoyable film. This is absolutely a film I can without a doubt recommend. It has subtle but great performances. Seek this one out if you’ve not had a chance to check it out yet. I can promise you’ll enjoy this. It currently is available on VOD I believe so it’s easily accessible. I’ll be keeping my eye on Karpovsky and Hagner who I think will be stars. Russell is too handsome a dude to not be one.

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