Review: Hounds of Love


Title: Hounds of Love
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Ben Young
Starring: Emma BoothAshleigh CummingsStephen Curry
Runtime: 1 hr 48 mins

What It Is: Couple John (Curry) and Evelyn (Booth) have been abducting young woman, raping and murdering them. When the rebellious Vicki (Cummings) sneaks out of the house she’s the next girl on their radar when they see her walking down the street in the dead of night. Now captive Vicki will have to be smart and try to turn Evelyn and John against one and other in hopes that she won’t end up like all of the couples other victims.

What We Think: WOW! This film gripped me from the get-go and by the end, it had me by the throat. Emma Booth is a marvel, Ashleigh Cummings gives the whole thing weight and Stephen Curry is evil incarnate. These three move the film along and make this roller coaster of a ride one you’ll wish you’d not gone on but don’t want to get off regardless. Everything has this sweaty ambiance. Like someone up the humidity only where YOUR sitting! It makes you want to take a shower, whether it’s that sweaty feeling or just the gross nature of the material. This film is a stunner!

Our Grade: A, One of 2017’s biggest surprises! Australia makes these thrillers and they are just amazing! Things like The Loved OnesThe BabadookSnowtown, Animal KingdomThat is a list of fantastic films that have been put out from down unda. Obviously, I am going to give this film the highest of recommendations. This one is an absolute lesson in cinematic tension. Writer/Director Ben Young has ridiculously bright future. His next feature is scheduled for a January 2018 release. We’ll wait with bated breath for that one for sure! In the meantime check out some of those other Aussie films. They’re doing great work!

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