Review: Suburban Cowboy


Title: Suburban Cowboy
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Ryan Colucci, Dragan Roganovic
Starring: Frank Raducz Jr., Alandrea Martin, Zoran Radanovich
Runtime: 1 hr 30 min

What It Is: In this new indie thriller from directors Ryan Colucci and Dragan Roganovic, a young drug dealer from Long Island must pay back a hefty debt to some Serbian gangsters after one his workers accidentally robs one of the gangster’s connections.

What We Think: Going into this I didn’t know a thing about it but the premise was interesting and I was interested to see what happened and how things went down. I’ve always been a fan of movies based on true events so when I heard about this one, I was sure id like it. Now after watching the movie, I have to say I’m quite disappointing. The movie has everything it needs to be a good movie but falls short of that and is just mediocre. Saying that it isn’t terrible but it could’ve been a lot better. The main cast did a fine job with what they had but some supporting roles weren’t very good at all. The premise itself is interesting but I feel like its been done before. Therefore it doesn’t have much originality to it except that it’s based on true events. The events that go down are interesting but sometimes are boring and can make you lose interest in the movie. Multiple times throughout the film I felt bored and I didn’t really care for what was happening. Other times it was interesting and tense which was where the movie shined and it should’ve focused more on the interesting events then the boring events. There was maybe one or two likable characters, not a lot of them are likable and just come across dumb, annoying or rude so it’s quite hard to get invested in those characters. I did like the lead actor and I thought he did a pretty good job as Jay ( Raducz). The pacing of the movie never really got off and was very sluggish and made a 90-minute movie feels like a 120-minute movie. The soundtrack was pretty good and was definitely the highlight of the film. The execution of some events felt a bit sloppy and rushed. The movie had an upbeat tone for some time and it was good but then it became dark and it took itself a little too seriously which really left a dent in the movie. Overall it’s watchable but defiantly could’ve done better.

Our Grade: C, This movie could’ve been really good but sadly fell short of that. It had an interesting plot but just couldn’t keep me interested. In the end, it could’ve been better but its worth a watch if you like movies based on real events.

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