Review: Tracktown


Title: Tracktown
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Alexi PappasJeremy Teicher
Starring: Alexi Pappas, Chase Offerle, Rachel Dratch
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins

What It Is: Plumb Marigold (Pappas) is a young Olympic level talent in long distance running–a talent earned from having devoted nearly all of her time and energy into training and preparing for the Olympic games. Plumb, however, is so focused on her racing that she is overworked, and worst of all, she’s forgotten to have a life. And then a bakery boy named Sawyer catches her fancy. Not only does this cause a break in Plumb’s training, it gets her out of her comfort zone as well.

What We Think: Pappas is a star and I really enjoyed her here. She reminded me heavily of Kate Micucci who was in one of last years best films the incredible Don’t Think Twice and, of course, Garfunkel and Oates.

Tracktown lets its characters build and grow, never sidelining them for the sake of any other element. Plumb’s arc is fairly standard as far as movie formulas go, but her growth feels authentic and completely tangible, which is integral for a character piece like this. Pappas and Teicher have crafted a nice and effective script, one that is delivered well by all involved.

Our Grade: B-

The only downfall of Tracktown is its pacing issues. The slow pacing pervades the film and causes it, sometimes, to drag. Aside from that, it is a worthwhile experience on all of its other levels. Pappas’ charm and naivety make her a sympathetic and likeable presence, and her performance is boosted as she is a real life track and field star. Offerle could prove in time to be a bigger star, too; it’ll be exciting to see more from these two. This film is a unique romantic comedy and one I highly recommend. With that said it may be a bit difficult to “track” down; I believe it can be seen on iTunes. Be sure to check it out!

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