Review: American Made


Title: American Made
MPAA Rating: 
 Doug Liman
Starring: Tom CruiseDomhnall GleesonSarah Wright
Runtime: 1 hr 55 mins

What It Is: An airplane pilot named Barry Seal (Cruise) takes a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the CIA making deliveries to war-torn countries as a spy to take pictures of intelligence. During one of his runs, he is approached to deliver more than just weapons and pictures. Drugs. Then become one of the most successful drug traders of the 1980’s building up cartels down in South America.

What I Think: This film is very well made and masterfully directed. Tom Cruise takes a step out of his usual Mission Impossible action film genre and steps back into drama. The charisma that Cruise gives off really makes this movie because he has to be a likable character despite the very selfish and dangerous situations he puts himself in. Even some familiar despicable cartel members are likable in this movie. The writing was really well done and I can see this being nominated for best screenplay. One detractor, I would say for this movie is the editing. The first 10 or so minutes is a little disorienting with the different camera angles they choose and the usage of a “shaky-camera.” Once you settle into the movie it goes away and you are along for the ride.

Grade: A-, Overall this movie is a really good movie and is not your typical film. It brings a unique approach to viewing someone’s life and what outrageous situations take place. From the serious to the awkwardly funny. You will leave the theater overwhelmingly entertained with this American made tale. I can without a doubt recommend you check this one out when it opens THIS FRIDAY! You for sure won’t be disappointed.

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