Review: The Layover


Title: The Layover
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario, Matt Barr
Director: William H. Macy
Runtime: 1 hr 27 min

What It Is: When 2 friends Meg (Upton) and Kate (Daddario) go on a road trip and meet the guy of their dreams, they risk their friendship trying to get his affection for them. The hunky Ryan (Barr) is more than confused by these two odd females. Meanwhile, they’re flights been redirected into the path of a hurricane oh and inclement weather too. Now the two of them are fighting one and other for Ryan.

What We Think: this movie is bad. I’m going to say that upfront and don’t expect a funny comedy at all. everything feels so forced, from the acting to the comedy it just isn’t good and does not flow well and ends up being a giant mess but has one or two decent scenes that are at the line of “entertaining”. The 2 leads are terrible and have absolutely no chemistry at all and are a pain to watch on screen and really makes you want to turn it off. The comedy just doesn’t work at all and feels shoehorned in and I honestly didn’t laugh at this movie at all. Not even a chuckle. I highly recommend you don’t waste your money on this “comedy” movie.

Our Grade: F, I couldn’t stand watching this and really wanted it to end. If you want a good comedy, perhaps check out This Is The End or 21 Jump Street (I am aware that these films are a little bit older but they are 100X better than this piece of trash). I beg you all to not waste your money on this. Maybe check out actor/director William H. Macy’s first endeavor behind the camera Rudderless. Hmph, he directed a film called Rudderless and a rudderless film. Inspiring!

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