Review: Gilbert


Title: Gilbert
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Neil Berkeley
Starring: Gilbert GottfriedDave AttellJoy Behar
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Perhaps the most in-depth look at one of comedies funniest names.The legendary Gilbert Gottfried. Known for his somewhat obnoxious voice it is his enigmatic personal life that many of even his closest friends and colleagues are not aware of. This documentary takes an inside look at the man who’s voiced such legendary characters as the AFLAC Duck and of course Iago from Disney’s Aladdin. This loving look in finally takes the veil off of one of comedies best and Hollywood’s most elusive private lives.

What We Think: I adored this documentary. It really respected Gilbert Gottfried as a man and artist. Not only did it handle sensitive personal issues like the death of his mother, or his sister’s cancer diagnosis but it did so with a bit of comedic flair that seems to be perfect for a man like Gottfried. Equal parts poignant and funny this is, for me, an excellent culmination of instances to perfectly tell the story of a man once dubbed “One of the Filthiest Comedians of all-time”. It is at the same time a sort of strange irony with the light he’s painted in.

Our Grade: A-, Both a good documentary and a fitting tribute this was a surprisingly touching and soft look at a man not known for his soft nor touching work. I can and would recommend everyone check this out to find out that this man is more than just the voice of Iago in The Lion King. See it if it is playing near you, which isn’t very likely as it has an extremely limited release. Looking at you my New York and LA snobs. As well as a few of you Austin folks.

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