Review: The Tick 2017 (Season 1)


Title: The Tick
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Starring: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry
Director: Ben Edlund
Episodes: 6

What It Is: In a world where superheroes are actually real, a lonely accountant soon realizes that the city he lives in is taken over by an evil super villain. He attempts to uncover and reveal the truth and runs into a strange blue-suited man who calls himself The Tick.

What We Think: I personally really enjoyed this series and loved it for its quippy humor and likable characters. Before watching The Tick, I really had no expectations for it and really didn’t think much of the trailers and all that so I when I watched the first couple episodes, I thought they were great yet had some flaws. One of the main flaws was how the first episode really dragged on for a bit. it was slow paced and dark that it felt that it was even the same show as the rest of the season. Now getting past that, I really enjoyed the rest of the series. it wasn’t  and the episodes were a breeze to get past and I found myself wanting to watch more and more of the show until I hit the end of the 6 episodes. I actually thought it was only gonna be 6 episodes but apparently, it got more. The villain was good but felt a tad bit generic but was well acted just like the rest of the characters, mostly the Tick standing out. Why I liked the Tick as a character is because while he is pretty dumb he is very entertaining to watch on screen and is worth the watch. Arthur was an OK character but felt pretty generic but was fun to watch. I also liked how funny the episodes were and how sarcastic some characters were. In the end, I really enjoyed the season.

Our Grade: A, Overall The Tick is a fun show that is quick and hilarious and I think people should give it a chance and watch it and see if it’s like the original The Tick show.

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