Review: Into the Deep (Sundance 2020)


Title: Into the Deep
MPAA Rating: NR
Director: Emma Sullivan
Starring: Peter Madsen, Emma Sullivan
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: In the midst of building a rocket, the crew of interns are ultamitely lead to failure, terror, and disaster as they find their notorious leader, Danish man Peter Madsen, emprisoned on chargers of manslaughter after a young Swedish journalist he invited into his homemade submarine subsequently disappears. They as well as Sullivan are left sprawling in trying to deal with the loss and realization that the charismatic rogue engineer was a wolf hiding in plain sight.

What We Think: Welcome in the next big iteration of The Jinx. This documentary feature involves an unbelievable scandal that hits like a car crash, namely due to the fact that the film is exploring the situation as it happens. Sullivan and Madsen’s crew are experiencing the consequences of the murder as the case develops day by day and it’s incredibly sad as as we watch them loose faith and recount the numerous terrifying circumstances surrounding them and their former cult-like leader. What this is is a very raw and uncomfortable dissection of a man with charisma and ego, a man who was able to convince a whole group of people to do as he wanted and the sudden, if not tragic collapse of his humanity in their eyes. It’s really horrifying to watch considering they never had seen it coming. Otherwise very well crafted and intense study of sociopathy, watch this to the end to find some of the most damning evidence to this brutal a crime ever recorded on camera.

Our Grade: A-, A chilling documentary with so much more to reveal as you watch it; a perfect study of a sociopath and those around him caught in an insane amount of detail. Catch it on Netflix as it is supposed to be released soon–this left me with my hands on my head, eyes bulging, and mouth agape in shock. 


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