Review: Marshall


Title: Marshall
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Reginald Hudlin
Starring: Chadwick BosemanJosh GadKate Hudson
Runtime: 1 hr 58 mins

What It Is: Telling the tale of Thurgood Marshall (Boseman), who would become the first black Supreme Court justice in United States history. Before all those accolades though he was simply the lone attorney of the NAACP. When he’s set to defend a man named Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown) who was accused of raping a rich white woman for whom he previously worked for. Mrs. Eleanor Strubing (Hudson) was by her own account assaulted both physically and sexually. Or was she? That is what Marshall alongside Connecticut insurance attorney Sam Friedman will have to uncover.

What We Think: So this movie is a bit enigmatic. It is a biopic of an extremely important person in the United States history. It is also one that feels equal parts serious and a bit too silly. It has a Disney quality to it, but not in the way you want a movie of such gravitas to have. Hudson comes off a bit hammy in her performance but Boseman excels. Josh Gad is funny, but I didn’t want him to be funny here. A bit more consistency from the script and Hudlin probably brings this in as a year’s best. As it stands it’s simply okay.

Our Grade: C+, Fairly disappointing but too well made and featuring too good a performance from it’s leads fail. This is film is a real crowd-pleaser. Sure to get the audiences out of their seats, but I swear to god they had better stay silent and in their seats. Cheer internally. Don’t ruin the film with your…noise. It’s a film good enough to warrant your concern but it is by no means a bad film just an uneven or dare I say one that doesn’t know what it is. A confused film.

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