Review: Person to Person


Title: Person to Person
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Dustin Guy Defa
Starring: Abbi JacobsonMichael CeraTavi Gevinson
Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins

What It Is: Three separate stories all about persons living in New York. First, we have Claire (Jacobson) a woman on her first day on the job at a newspaper were Phil (Cera) is her new boss. They’re investigating a suicide, possible homicide. Meanwhile, Bene, a record collector (played by Bene Coopersmith) finds out a rare record is available and is going to purchase, only to get duped. Lastly, Wendy (Gevinson) is struggling with both her own sexuality and the relationship her best friend is now in.

What We Think: I know we’re telling three separate stories but this whole thing plays off as an entirely disjointed mess. Not only is this film so far up its own ass but structurally it is flawed. Everyone is just sort of there and none of what they are doing or saying really adds up to anything in the grand scheme. It’s very much a day in the life sort of experience if everyone you knew was an annoying Lower Eastside hipster. Stuck only with minuscule problems that they craft into molehills. This literally equates to #WhitePeopleProblems the movies aka why don’t girls like me the film.

Our Grade: D, God almost every frame of this film was an irritant. I was annoyed and put off by almost every character. Their problems seemed infinitesimal in scope and their neurosis is ridiculous. At no point do I buy or care about these people. If the film were any more hipster it’d be offering me a scarf and a freaking latte. I cannot recommend this unless you really want to try and be a cool kid and hang with the hipster crowd. For those of us content with normalcy this movie offers nothing. Either emotionally or from an entertainment standpoint.

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